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Be a part of the Healthy Revolution

Pamela Creekmur

Moving Forward Pamela Creekmur

These are revolutionary times at the Health Department. We continue to transform the quality of life for our residents by providing excellent services that achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through integrity, accountability and convenience.

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Farmers Market

Affordable Foods

Want to save money on food? Farmers Markets can help! Looking for healthy recipes for the family? Check out our Virtual Food Demonstrations. And learn about the Introducing Prince George's County Food Equity Council, formed to develop and support policies and practices for improving the County's food system.

Getting Care

Getting Care

Need help getting health care in the County? Let us show you the various resources at your fingertip in your area.

Health / Fitness

Chronic Disease Prevention

HEAL's overview of chronic disease prevention focuses on wellness plan templates and more. Learn about national health observances in Health Awareness Events. Our on the "Road Outreach Program" is about Diabetes care in the County. And ever been told that you have Hypertension? Adult obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. Weight Management is the key to reduction. Moreover, our Mobile Apps are coming soon.

Healthy Eating, Active Living

Healthy Eating, Active Living

We're making a positive impact on our community through our Mini Grants. The Health Department cares about Partnerships and has numerous relationships throughout the County. We provide Healthy Tips of the Month on a variety of subjects like cutting down on sugar and salt. And our Eat Healthy and Be Active Workshop Series is a fun, engaging program for residents in select zip codes.

Smoke-Free Environments

Smoke-Free Environments

Health Awareness Events and Other Activities cover late-breaking information nationally and locally, Multi-Unit Housing takes a look at reducing smoking at apartments and condos in the County, Community Forums are held systematically at local churches and community centers to help reduce smoking where people live, play and worship. And Hospital Campuses shine the spotlight on the relationship between the Health Department and its various healthcare partners to curtail smoking among patients, staff and visitors.

Members OnlyMembers Only - Wellness Plan for Be Healthy, Be Fit - Healthy Eating, Active LiveMembers Only - Wellness Plan for Be Healthy, Be Fit - Healthy Eating, Active Live
HEAL 2014 Farmers Markets Report
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Access to Care is in YOUR Zip Code! 20743 - Prince George's County Health Enterprise Zone
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Baby, Workout!


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